Family Dentistry

Every body in family needs a dentist once in a life. Here at tooth planet we try to take care of all family members from small children to grand parents . We provide all kind of dentistry to family such as root canal, fillings crown & bridge and even whitening of teeth.

Children dentistry : This branch is also called as pediatric dentistry. At Tooth Planet our main goal is to develop positive friendly attitude towards dentist & dental treatment in children�s mind. We also guide children about

Thus we focus on curative and preventive aspects of dentistry, especially for children during their formative years.

Preventive: It is always said that �Prevention is better than cure� and we respect this saying.

Fillings:Stitch in time saves nine and we respect this as well!

Crown and bridge:

Orthodontics:It is a branch of dentistry which deals with correcting the problem between teeth and jaw. At Tooth Planet two types of treatment are available � Removable and Fixed. Braces and micro implants and plates are used in these types of treatments.

Wisdom teeth extraction:Wisdom tooth is also called as third molar. When third molar is not in proper position, it can cause damage to adjacent teeth and gum infection. At Tooth Planet, we do proper assessment and whenever required mini surgery for wisdom tooth extraction under local anesthesia.